We offer on demand private air charter services to the U.S., The Caribbean, Mexico and Canada

KW Executive Air Charter flies into a number of smaller airports in the islands that commercial airliners can’t fly into, giving us the ability to fly you and your family to your exact destination.

You’ll be comfortably seated in our 9 passenger aircraft.  No need to sit in a uncomfortable airline seat. Relax in our luxury leather with refreshments and snacks.

Traveling with your family on vacation? Why not travel in style at an affordable rate? We make it happen. With our selection of aircraft, we make travel to the Caribbean a breeze.

Traveling for business? KW Executive corporate aircraft offer a range of advantages for busy professionals, including time efficiency, faster check-ins and is the perfect way to incorporate multiple meetings in different cities during a single day.

Traveling for business means time is money, and wasting time sitting at an airport is unacceptable, costly and inconvenient. KWEAC understands and works on your schedule. You will experience the benefit of nonstop direct-route travel without the hassle of lines and layovers.

Need to conduct a meeting during your travel time? Our professional atmosphere allows you to remain productive while in transit.

Flying into locations such as St. Martin should be done in style. Arrive in our King Air or Cessna Conquest II to make a bold statement.